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Travel is the best teacher (Suzana Stjepanovic)

Every little step you take is great opportunity to experience how the world is breathing. So, I decided to walk around the world. My first stop was the great city of Munich. This huge city is setteld in Bavaria, Germany. My connection to this city is my aunt, so she invited my family to visit her and her daughter. But, this trip was really much more then just a visit.

When I was little I heard about the most interesting festival in Bavaria- the Oktoberfest. I had a wish once in my life visit this great festival. This festival is not only interesting for adults, also there is a lot fun for kids. So, we all together started from the morning to discover the new city. When we were close to the centre, I felt surprised turning around like a little bird took from the birdcage. It was little big shock for me. I liked the Munich city because the buildings were so huge and powerful. I felt like an little ant infront of this beautiful architecture. Accept the buildings there were also a lot of people. In one city so much different culture- just amazing! And the most greatest thing I discovered in the City of Munich was the English garden, the huge park in the middle of the city. I was so happy that you can also find the nature between buildings.

In the English garden you can walk, sit on the grass, swimm in the river Isar, play and enjoy. At some places in the Garden I discovered also Chinese wooden tower and Monopteros, the greek temple. The view from the Monopteros is really great. I saw almost all the city and the rest of this beautiful Garden. And about the Munich weather- I also felt it on this day. During the entrance in the Garden it was really sunny. After 20 minutes it starts to rain. In a half hour the snowflakes started to dance.

And then after I took my jacket again, of course- it was so sunny like in summer. I think every person should one in the life visit the English garden in Munich. It is simple magical. At this moment I though, the world is really big and beautiful. After this trip I decided to travel a lot. 

When you are on the trip you discover differences between big and small, loudness and silence and the most important thing is the experience for yourself and the others.

The road is the best teacher!

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Amanda Creuwz
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