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Our upcoming projects

Here you can find the projects we have planned for this year! For more information about any project do not hesitate contacting us. 

Projecting training Cherry

08-15 March 2024


Have you ever wanted to apply for an Erasmus+ project, but don't know exactly where to start? Or perhaps, you want to improve your project applications?

As far as we know, there is no training in Europe like this. Projecting guides you through best-practices advice, allowing you to exercise in a group and in an individual setting, from an idea to the application of an event focusing on Erasmus+.

A good follow up for this training is the Cherry Experience, which will focus on the practical preparation and logistical aspects of a project (focused on exchanges).

This training will take place at Hunzepark.

Please request the application form via email

22-25 March 2024

Study Visit in Slovenia - Curae

Did you know that Cherry is also working in a project about Crafts? It is very unique, with several types of projects in it. 

The upcoming event from the Curae project will be the study visit in Slovenia. A weekend in which 2 people per organisation will experience a full-immersion in Slovenian craftsmanship workshops!

Curae crafting project Cherry international
Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 12.18.51.png

16-25 March 2024

The Cherry Experience Training

Through the many years we have delivered our projects, participants and partners have been curious about what makes our projects so famous amongst participants. We developed what we like to call the Cherry Way. 

During this training, you will experience the key elements (define your key theme; structure your logistics; define your key activity; develop your methodology; dealing with unexpected events) of our projects the Cherry way, and then to design them how you would like them to be for your own event: training, youth exchange or anything else.

This training will take place at Hunzepark.

Applications closed

22 April - 03 May 2024

Crafts of Europe - Youth Exchange

In this exchange, crafts and employability with vintage and modern crafts will be the main themes. The exchange will include experiencing and sharing several crafting techniques with each other, then seeing how craftsmen in The Netherlands work and use them to receive inspiration insights, and also (e)marketing: how to put yourself as a nowadays artisan in the market? What to pay attention when dealing with clients? How to make use of technology to promote your work and ideologies? 

This exchange will take place at Hunzepark.

- not available yet

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 22.36_edited.jpg

29 June - 12 July 2024

Utopia Exchange

This Utopia received a complete twist in every sense. It will be like no other Utopia has ever been realised before. If you are a fan of adrenaline, of the unexpected, a complete experience without phone, money and other electronic devices, Utopia is waiting for you. Check the participating partner countries here in the info pack:

02-18 August 2024

Back to Basics Exchange

Cherry's most known project, the organisation's essence!

B2B is a unique exchange program using theatre, soap operas, adventure, challenges, being out and about throughout The Netherlands with almost no resources; This exchanges also focuses on being more accountable in life, considering other people around you and the position you put yourself in. 

This exchange will take place in Orvelte.

Back to Basics youth exchange Cherry
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