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About us

We are a group of young people who after many years participating and being involved in international events through other organizations have decided to create our own foundation. Collaborating with other organizations is always helpful for the process of learning and for gaining experience, but it also means that we were limited somehow. That is why we have decided to make of Cherry a Foundation. It will also give us a broader possibilities project wise with funds and different international programmes.


The name Cherry derives from the word cherish, which means "care and hold on something dear". That is exactly how we feel about every project (or event) we organize: protect/hold/care about it! We want to create the perfect mix between content and service delivery to our participants and partners. 


Our methods are non formal learning and learning by doing. It means that people learn spontaneously by participating in activities, being faced with particular situations/issues for which they need to find a solution, as individuals or as a group. 

To have an idea regarding our work and the impact we create we invite you to have a look at the documentary 'Exchanged' below. It gives a great impression on how internationalisation can open up a closed community.

Our aim is to promote international events throughout Europe in which we involve youngsters coming from deproved backgrounds, mainly those from rural areas.


Our vision is to give people the chance to discover their own potential in order to create a better world for themselves, others and the planet.


Our mission is to organise youth exchanges, trainings and other projects related to European programs. 

The Team


Eddie Wolters


The chairman of Cherry and the main organiser of projects. Eddie is also the youth worker of the foundation and facilitates the programme for international groups

Thom de Vries


Thom de Vries is the practical guy around during projects, doing shopping, maintaining the building, cleaning, etc. 

Tahira Tarquini


Tahira is the project coordinator of all our international projects and maintains the administration and communication with partners and participants


Janiek Hendriks


Exchanges helped Janiek to learn in a different way and see cultures in another perspective. Janiek is a board member of Cherry.


Ernst-Jan de Vries


EJ has been for a decade in international projects and is the secretary of Cherry. His practical involvement and cooking skills in projects is of great value.


Lotte van Oosten


Lotte is our housekeeper when being in projects. She loves to make the place neat and tidy for the whole group. She is also the Dutch teacher of our ESC volunteers.


Lars Neef


Lars started participating in exchanges 4 years ago and since the beginning of his adventure it changed his life in a positive way.  Currently Lars is in the board of the Cherry Foundation as board member.


Florien Deelstra


Florien is participating for a year with Cherry in projects  which were an inspiration for her to grow and develop. She wants to use international projects in her future career.

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