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Everyone told me that I was lucky (Celia Castillo)

The truth is that I’ve always considered that it’s complicated to be born and live in a village like the one I have lived in. Since I was a child I have been surrounded by nature: the birds are my alarm clock and the rooster never fails. Everyone told me that I was lucky to grow up in a place like this, but I only saw problems. My friends have always lived far away from me, there is no public transport and I depend on my parents for everything. It is hard for them to keep an eye on me all the time and for everyone’s schedule to fit in. That is why I had to spend most of my childhood and adolescence alone at home. However, I am a lucky person, since I have a big garden and I have always been able to play with my games there, as well as ride my bike or be with my dog around. When you are younger it is difficult to grow up and see that all your friends stay in the afternoons and you can’t because you live far away. For that part, it has been complicated to live in a village.

Wanting to go to the cinema and not being able to, to the bowling alley to play, to go shopping... all those things have always been something exceptional in my life because I have it far away from my village. That is why I always told my parents that I would like to live in a big city, that I could do everything there and that everything would be much easier.

When I grew up I realized that my parents had great reasons for living in a village and that not everything is as negative as I thought. The freedom I’ve had to play in the street and explore is not available in the city. My parents have always let me play with the neighbors, I’ve been able to explore the surrounding woods and do many things on my own. Besides having a lot of space to play.

Spending a lot of time alone has made me independent, active and creative. But most of all, the direct contact with nature and the closeness of the neighbors is appreciated; living in a village is like living in a big family. When you are younger, it is difficult to perceive this; but as you grow up, you realise that the peace and tranquility that living in a village brings is priceless, and even less so when you consider the pace of life today.

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