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A disgustingly delicious experience (Florien Deelstra)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Sleeping with the horses in a meadow filled with grass, a disgustingly delicious

experience. If you live on a farm with horses, you probably know what I’m talking

about. Those magnificent, huge animals with their snotty, soft nose. You sit next to

them, but they’re more interested in the grass. So you lie down and you doze off.

Until you wake up with a start because that huge animal - with the snotty, soft

nose – snorts on you. You open your eyes with a face full off snot. And there she

is, with her big snotty nose and her ears turned to you in a curious way. One more

snort and she walks away. Away to the delicious grass. You call out for her, she

ignores you. You call again, and another horse walks towards you. She becomes

jealous and starts walking to you. Chasing away the other horse. You reach out to

pet her. She turns away and walks to the delicious grass. The lovely arrogance of

this magnificent animal, that is part of the magic of living on a farm.

Florien Deelstra

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