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ESC - European Solidarity Corps

ESC is a voluntary international experience in which (in this case) youngsters come to The Netherlands for 1 year and do voluntary work at different working place. ESC is a way to open youngster's horizons and which is a possibility for them to live independently in a different country.

Would you like to join in an ESC project? Click here!

Youth Exchanges

Cherry's main activity!

Youngsters from all corners of Europe come together for 10 days or more, and together they learn life lessons (as we like to call it).


KA2's are long lasting projects - from 1 up to 3 years - in which several events are organised, such as exchanges, trainings, study visits and many more!

Currently we have one KA2 about crafts, Curae.


Cherry trainings are more focused on giving participants skills for life, which are implemented at personal and professional level.


Our Activities

Our activities are mainly based on actions. The program is designed in a way that participants are constantly busy with each other, developing social and professional skills. Together they support each other and they learn to appreciate the simple things in life. Moreover, every activity has a purpose behind, a purpose which reflects daily life situations, giving participants the tools to face these situations under a different perspective than the one they had before joining the project.


Our Methodology

Our methodology is focused on non-formal education. Participants learn by doing, therefore the more they do, the more they try, the more they learn. We believe that learning is matter of trial and error, mistakes are very welcome, because that is one way on how people learn. 

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