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Working Places

Working places are the places where you will be doing your volunteering activities. You can work at the same working places maximum 2 times a week, meaning that you can join different working places and you will be doing different things on a weekly basis. 

LIRA focuses on volunteering activities which are practical, meaning that you will work a lot with your hands, and if you are acquainted with practical tasks, you know that sometimes it can also be more intense work. In the beginning, we will point out a working place, but eventually, you are very welcome to find a working place of your interest. 

Our highlight working places are:

Groei Grond (=Growing Ground in Dutch) is a Community garden located in Rensenpark, a natural park in the center of Emmen, that is committed to raising awareness about topics that may seem unfamiliar in urban areas, such as biodiversity, sustainability, and healthy eating. Their mission is to provide a space for community members to come together, socialize, and connect with nature, while also creating opportunities to learn about gardening, composting, and other eco-conscious practices. Through LIRA, our international volunteers working with Groei Grond are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining and developing the garden, as well as working on their own projects and initiatives. While working at Groei Grond you will:

Learn about gardening and landscaping

  • Gain hands-on experience in gardening techniques and landscaping practices.

  • Assist in the garden’s maintenance

  • Collaborate with other volunteers on gardening projects.


Organize educational workshops

  • Help plan and facilitate workshops for the community and local schools.

  • Share knowledge about sustainable gardening, composting, and other eco-conscious practices.

  • Raise awareness on the importance of biodiversity and healthy eating.


Work with other volunteers:

  • Collaborate with fellow volunteers on garden development and improvement.

  • Exchange ideas and contribute to the overall growth of Groei Grond.


Create gardening crafts:

  • Participate in crafting projects such as building birdhouses, gardening beds, and insect hotels.

  • Explore creative ways to enhance the garden's aesthetics and functionality.


Learn about growing and processing fresh food:

  • Discover the art of growing and harvesting fresh food and herbs.

  • Gain insights into processing and preserving homegrown produce.


Use social gardening as a community building-tool

  • Engage young people in the local community through social gardening activities

  • Foster connections and promote a sense of belonging among participants

Groei Grond

The Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art is located in the Rensenpark in Emmen. It was founded in 2017 and achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by becoming the world's first officially registered museum dedicated to Contemporary Tibetan art . The museum's mission is to spread awareness of and educate local and international visitors about contemporary Tibetan art. It hosts a collection of works featuring Tibetan and Tibet-inspired artists but mainly composed of works created and donated by the founder of the museum, Tashi Norbu. Throughout the year the museum accommodates several retreats, workshops, lectures, and performances which focus heavily on educating the public on the preservation of Tibetan art and culture. As a volunteer you can:

Support the museum atelier:

  • Collaborate with artists in creating new art for the gallery.

  • Assist in art projects and provide creative input

Organization of events and workshops 

  • Help in the planning and organization of events, workshops, and meditation evenings.

  • Assist with logistics, set-up, and coordination during these activities.


Collection maintenance and management:

  • Aid in the maintenance, cataloging, and documentation of the museum's art collection.

  • Assist in preserving the artworks through proper handling and storage.


Create crafts for the museum shop:

  • Contribute to the production of crafts and merchandise for the museum shop.

  • Help showcase and promote Tibetan art through unique and meaningful products.


Learn about Tibetan art and culture:

  • Participate in educational activities to expand your knowledge of Tibetan art and culture.

  • Attend workshops and learn from experts in the field.


Additional tasks:

  • Support general museum operations as needed.

  • Collaborate with the museum staff and fellow volunteers to ensure a smooth visitor experience.

DARA Europe is a non-proft organization that supports a local NGO Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) in Andong, Cambodia, to give the children there every opportunity for a better future. They provide structural financial support for projects, programs and facilities that serve education, welfare, and safety in Andong. In addition, DARA raises awareness in the Netherlands about the situation in Cambodia to bring donors, sponsors and volunteers in contact with the organization. As a Dara volunteer you’re given the opportunity to contribute based on your skills and interests:

Project Management:

  • Organize fundraising projects and events to support SCCO.

  • Coordinate logistics, budgeting, and scheduling for various initiatives.

Marketing Communication

  • Contribute to the creation and publishing of engaging content for newsletters, websites, and social media platforms.

  • Develop school presentations, graphics, banners, flyers, and other promotional materials.

  • Assist in spreading the word about DARA's mission and activities to attract donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

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