Business Team

Our upcoming projects

Here you can find the projects we have planned for this year! For more information about any project do not hesitate contacting us. 


Projecting Training

4-9 March

A dynamic training with the main theme "project writing", more specifically within Erasmus+. Do's and dont's; tips and tricks and a lot of practice is done for you to develop (or improve) your project writing skills. 

This training will take place in Ommen, The Netherlands.

05-11 April

1st Training Curae (KA2 about crafts)

For 3 years long Cherry and corresponding partners will be working on a KA2 project with the theme of incorporating craftsmanship as an innovative way for youngsters to create employability. The first training is about communication skills, learning styles and how to consider other styles so that everybody can receive the same message but in different ways. This training will take place in Slovenia. 


28 April - 09 May

Just Arrange It Exchange

Just Arrange It is our "winter" exchange, which will be receiving a new face: we will move it to spring and it will have innovative elements around its thematic. 

JAI is about social entrepreneurship, focused on stimulating a sense of initiative in a more professional setting.

21 July - 4 August

Back to Basics Exchange

Cherry's most known project, the organisation's essence!

B2B is a unique exchange program using theatre, soap operas, adventure, challenges, being out and about throughout The Netherlands with al most no resources and much, much more, focusing on being more accountable in life, considering other people around you and the position you put yourself in. 


Autumn (dates to be established)

Upstream Training

An innovative training for us as organisation. We always stimulate (future) facilitators to develop their own facilitating style and stand by themselves, not copying others but developing their way of facilitating with their qualities and weaknesses (yes, both are very useful).