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Business Team

Our upcoming projects

Here you can find the projects we have planned for this year! For more information about any project do not hesitate contacting us. 

Cherry Experience

24 February - 4 March 2023

The Cherry Experience is officially a Training course, BUT, done in the Cherry way, explaining the Cherry way and letting you experience the Cherry way, so that you can develop your own experience, or well, in this case, Youth Exchange.

For the first time ever we wrote a project completely dedicated for letting you see our behind the scenes work, explain our main working points and let you feel how they are.


** you can find the application link in the info pack


18 April - 29 April 2023

Utopia Exchange

A real life simulation project in which participants create a world how they would like to see it. Our most confronting project so far. Be prepared to let go of your phone, normal luxury as a bad or a shower, money...and given your surrounding possibilities, see what can you do to achieve what you want. Are you up for the challenge?


3-17 July 2023 

What's Cooking Exchange

Do you love cooking? Do you love Cherry exchanges? Would you like to organise a Cherry restaurant? This is a combination of both! This is not an exchange that will teach you how to cook, or give you cooking insights, but the thematics is all about cooking and how to use cooking as a communication and cooperation tool. You will cook and work with culinary aspects a lot, so make sure you know at least how to fry an egg to not let your station down!

This exchange will take place at Hunzepark.

8-24 August 2023

Back to Basics Exchange

Cherry's most known project, the organisation's essence!

B2B is a unique exchange program using theatre, soap operas, adventure, challenges, being out and about throughout The Netherlands with al most no resources and much, much more, focusing on being more accountable in life, considering other people around you and the position you put yourself in. 

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