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We are the same, aren't we? (Eniko Gosztom)

Living on the country-side is living in a segregated and calm shell, which seems like a way different world. In this world the boss is not the head of the city, the prime minister or somebody who was chosen by the people or the law. Here the nature rules the roots.

In my country, living on the countryside means that the income is mostly provided by the nature, almost everybody is working in the agriculture, just as most of my relatives. It means a lot. We wake up with the nature, our morning alarm is the sunrise. We spend their time outside, with our plants and animals on our venue. We up to it. For big city citizens, it is kind of unimaginable, that we do not schedule our time. We can not decide when do we want to do our job, we are not working from Monday until Friday just between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We work, when the nature lets us or needs us. It is not our decision when our cow gives a birth. It is not our decision when the hard storm comes. It is not in their dairy to collect grapes on 17th of September- we do it, when the nature allows us to do it.

But as I got it, it was never ever a suffer. It is like a symbiosis. It is being grateful for every single crop, drop of rain, shine of the Sun. This what is harmony for us, can be frightening for townsmen. Up to the nature, and accept always what it gives. And if someone moves to a town or a city, it is hard to be understood and understand the differences. We speak the same language, we have similar roots, we all know our culture-but somehow do not understand each other.

We do not have cutie pets, hamsters and dogs at home, who we carry in our bags. We have our German shepherd to bark when someone unexpected enters our property. We feel weird in shopping malls, where trees are inside, instead of outside. We feel weird in the crowd, on the metro, or on the tram, because unknown people were never so close for us unwantedly. We do not need thousand kind of milk in the shop with the exact fat percent on it, we have it from our neighbours, and we have never asked whether it is half-fat or fat milk. We have never eaten fruits and vegetables when it is not their season, and it people look at us on a weird way, when we say: “excuse me, but I have never ever tasted mango before”. It is something what for townsmen easy to get, but we have not even seen those in the small shop before, and surprisingly, we personally neither produce it in our garden. We prefer comfortable and well-functioning clothes, and we mostly do not care what is in the new Vouge. It is not because we consider being trendy as redundant, we have simply no possibility for that, and it can seem weird for others.

We can look weird at each other although we are living in the same countries and the difference is just 10, 100 or 1000 kilometre. But the gap is not in those kilometres. The gap is in the minds, the way we consider each other. This is why people from the country-side rather stay there without leaving it. It works like a beautiful green trap, from where just few can get out.

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