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Trust yourself and you will find the right path to happiness! (Gabriele Floris)

Hi everyone, I would like to talk a little about my life as a citizen of a small village.

I have lived since I was a child in this village which is located on the sea, is called Santa Marinella. It is a very nice village that comes alive only in summer.

It is more a village made for holidays than for living and for this reason I would like to tell you about my life experience.

The first years were carefree, I grew up without having any problems, certainly the city is well organized and nothing functional is missing but the most disadvantageous part has come out since I was 16 years old.  It is in this period that you start to need a social life, to start going out and doing activities with your friends and it is from this moment that you start to realize that living in this small city would have penalized me with its disadvantages . In the summer, after all, you can find something to do because of the increase in activities that the city offers, but in winter it becomes a desert and after a while the days become monotonous and you start to get bored.

There are no activities for young people, there is nothing to do but only the same things like go to the bar for have the usual chat, the job opportunities are missing but also the possibilities to choose different Type of schools and to is difficult too find new friends because the people are always the same. All of this can make you feel depressed, lonely, bored and it seems to you that your life goes by without something that can make it better. In reality, however, it is up to us to find the way to change it and for this reason I believe that living with these difficulties allows you to grow stronger, allows you to make more intense friendships and allows you to give more attention to the small things that can be discounted for who already has it all.

What I would like to tell to all of you who will read this article of mine is: "do not rush, do not demoralise yourself because life is also this and the difficulties allow you to grow in a better way".

Trust yourself and you will find the right path to happiness! Greetings to all young people of today.

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