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The downsides of living in a small town (Stathis Rafailidis)

My name is Stathis and I am from Greece, I live in a small town called Katerini. Even though my town isn’t as small as a village, it still is tiny compared to bigger cities like Athens or Thessaloniki, therefore there are some problems that a citizen of my town faces every day.

One of the main problems is connectivity to the internet. This problem can be more

severe in small villages, on the mountains mainly, but it still is bad in my town. Compared to more advanced and developed countries, Greece overall, has a “slow wifi” problem.

The healthcare system, also, isn’t the best. In the past the hospital was located

inside the town, now, they transferred it six kilometres of the city centre. Understandably, they moved it for the surrounding villages to have an easier time reaching it but nevertheless it is a disadvantage for the town.

Not only services are in short or of bad quality but also consumer goods are. In

big cities like Athens you can find shops of any kind at any time you want, in Katerini, even though we have a lot of shops, you have to buy somethings online to get a better price or because your work schedule doesn’t allow shopping time.

There are transportation issues. My town only has a train station but no one is using

trains in Greece because of the dirtiness and the poor timing of a train's arrival and departure, and a bus station which is the main way to go anywhere by land in the country if you don’t have a car. The closest airport is one hundred kilometres away and it has poor services too.

To sum up, if you live in a town smaller than mine and you are far from any big city you are

pretty much not a part of civilisation.

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