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Relaxing behind the wheel (Lars Neef)

At this moment I am doing an internship of ten months in Cape Town. A city with his iconic

Table Mountain, de history of the apartheid, Robben Island, Nelson Mandela and many

more. One thing can be added at the list as well: the traffic. The behaviour on the road can

be compared with the one in Italy. At the very last moment, they insert or exit their car on

the highway, the flashing light suddenly doesn’t work and try to fit in every small spot that is

possible. Cape Town has a beautiful nature and surroundings, but you simply don’t have the

time to enjoy this while driving a car.

Back in the Netherlands. On the countryside, where I live. Slowly the traffic is passing by,

behind each other and with a normal speed. On the countryside, you have the time to enjoy

the nature and surroundings. The green landscape and his endless fields makes you feel

relaxed behind the wheel. Being exhausted every day when you come home from work, or

coming home relaxed?

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