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My first year living alone in a city (David Sousa)

My adventure began 3 years ago when I started my engineering studies after completing the

entrance exams. I still remember when I received the news that they had accepted me in the

city where I dreamed of living since I was little: Seville. I was a boy who had just turned 18

and now I was going to live in one of the largest cities in Spain. Luckily I was not going

alone, my best friend had also been accepted and we were going to share a flat during that


I remember the first day of class at the university, a new city and people I didn't know. But

everything was very simple: lovely teachers, classmates who helped you, interesting

subjects, a wonderful city ... And above all, surrounded by the whole atmosphere of a

university campus, which seems to never sleep, the year goes by almost without realising.

After meeting people who end up being your family, visit unforgettable cities during each

holiday period or go to bars and end up riding a party in a house; after all the coffees, all the

adventures, the laughter and the tears… after all that and much more you realize that the

year has passed too quickly, that you would like to go back and start this adventure from the

beginning. But it's summer and it's time to go home and you see yourself on a train back with your thoughts stuck in that city.

That is when you realize that everything has changed, although in reality the one that you

have changed is you. You are no longer the same, you are completely different. You like

other types of music, you have become more sociable, you are able to solve the problems

yourself, you realize the true definition of the word friend.

Once you get home you miss all your friends, being surrounded by people, even classes ...

you are surrounded by countryside now and you realize how different a town is from a city.

There is hardly any pollution, there is no traffic but there are fewer activities that may interest

you and you go from being an anonymous person among thousands to being part of one

among hundreds where everyone knows you.

This adventure made me see the best and the worst of the big cities compared to small

towns and makes you realise everything you've changed, how your life "has been

transformed" in less than a year.

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