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Hectic city life or calm counstryside? (Táňa Debnárová)

Both these options have something to offer. It depends on how we sense it and how we are. No everyone is able to live in a big city, perhaps somebody looking for that constant noise and 24/7 life.

When people hear “countryside”, many think about poor and a slow life, but is it really like that? When you ask someone from the countryside how is it for him to live there, he will say that he is happy there and he has everything he needs. There is no rush, no stress, though they also face difficult situations.

I am living in a small town, called Detva (Slovakia), surrounded by hills and near an extinct volcano. to live here is like living in the countryside, and there are many differences compared to a big city. I am 18 years old, and during these years I visited a lot of countries and big cities as Amsterdam, Valencia, Bratislava, München and so on. In these cities I noticed so much noise, rushing people or danger in night. But also I saw a lot of things concentrated in one space. And when I compared them to my little town I am so thankful for where I am living. However, every time I was abroad I met great people; for example during a youth exchange in Ommen, in The Netherlands, which opened my eyes, and made me realise that I have to work on my language skills. But the feeling of coming back home, to my little town, is the best I can feel.

In my little town in the heart of Slovakia I always feel safe. I like that people know, help and support each other. The most beautiful thing is when the whole town meets at the hockey ice stadium and everybody holds hands together. I always get goose bumps in my whole body when I see that. In my town there is always a family atmosphere, on the contrary to big cities where there are so many people. But on the other hand, work options in my town are not that vast, people don’t earn so much money so they have to travel far away from home for a better life. For this reason, one day I want to leave to some big city for study and work possibilities.

Nowadays, a lot of young people leave their homes and look for better life in a bigger city or even abroad. And so do I. Becuse we want to feel how it is to have so many options available in one place. For example free time activities, studies and night life.

In conclusion I just want to say that it’s not posible to say where is better to live. It is important that we are happy where we are. If we feel safe and satisfied that’s really an answer to a happy life.

Some people love a hectic life and being surrounded by noises and stimulus, others instead, love a silence and and calm environment. So don’t compare it, just live where your heart wants to and enjoy life.

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