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Cliches versus reality in the countryside (Marton Szilágyi)

The first picture that comes to the mind of a city-person when they hear about living on the

countryiside is this: The time is around 4 a.m., it’s Saturday. As the roosters start crowing the

first rays of the sun softly touch the fertile fields, houses, tractors and put a goldish glowing

on the face of the people. The people who have just woken up making their ways to feed

their animals, milk the cows, collect the eggs and then go along to their fields to make sure

the plantations are doing well. They spend most of their time there, busily working to

provide fresh vegetables and meat for themselves and for those in the jungle of honking

cars, smogs, and skyscrapers. For the faceless mass of suits squeezing even the last penny

out of their job so that one day they can afford the shiny cars and the spacious houses they

always wanted. And maybe one day they will be able to quit their jobs, and move away from

the constant mindless hustling. To the countryside!

People from the city tend to associate villages with peace, freedom, pollution-free air and

health but the truth is not that simple. In the city you are used to an excellent public

transportation system, which you will barely find in smaller settlements. It is really irritating

missing the bus and then having to wait an hour for the next one. At least there isn’t a heavy

traffic on the streets, you can use your car to get around if you have one.

Another drawback of the village is the poor education system and the lack of offices. Which

means, if you want your kids to have quality education, or if you have some administrational

task to do, prepare to commute to the nearest city.

I have to apologise if my writing seems to paint an intimidating picture of the countryside.

Because despite all these bad things I very much like living there. You get so many impulse

which you can’t get anywhere else. You literally have to walk a couple feet to the closest tree

and take tastiest fruit from it, walk a little more to see and to pet various animals and you

don’t have to struggle with asthma and many other diseases because the only thing polluting

the air are a few vehicles and fertilizer once in a while. Besides it the real estates are a lot

cheaper so you can buy a house there for the price of the city-apartment. And how can you

have a grill-party in an apartment?

To sum it up, I can say that living on the countryside is not better or worse compared to

living in the city. It’s different and everybody has to decide which life they want to choose.

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