Park behind Cherry center
Park behind Cherry center
Park behind Cherry center
Park behind Cherry center
The Cherry cat
The Cherry mini petting zoo
Mini petting zoo at your view disposal
Cherry center (in progress). New pictures will follow soon.
Cherry center (in progress). New pictures will follow soon.
Waiting room
Cherry's little grass field
Cherry's little outdoor area

Please read carefully. 

We have just applied for our first ever ESC (or, most known as EVS - its older name), called LIRA (Life in Rural Areas). We can host 2 volunteers from September 2020 already. Yes, 2 volunteers it's our start number, which means that only 2 volunteers will be selected for our LIRA ESC project to spend 12 months here in The Netherlands. 

In case you are selected, hopefully your country allows you to fly to The Netherlands by September due to the Corona situation. Else, we can start making your travel arrangements.***

How our current volunteers have been experiencing their ESC? You can check it out here!

*** These conditions might change if we manage to apply for next year's ESC project.


The project and its activities will take place in the Dutch region of Drenthe, located in the North Eastern part of The Netherlands. Your housing/living will be in the town of Emmen, while your activities in the Cherry centre will be in the village of Dalen (Emmen and Dalen are at 15 minutes distance from each other, by train and by car. By bicycle might be around 60 minutes).

In the pictures above, you might have noticed a "Cherry centre in progress". It should be finished by September, but meanwhile, you can follow its building progress. 

Emmen is a town of 108.000 inhabitants, it has all kinds of entertainment that a city can offer, including a cinema and one of Netherland's most famous zoos, Wildlands, which more than a zoo, it is an adventure park. Shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, and much more, can be easily found in Emmen. 

Dalen instead, is a typical Dutch village (3.470 inhabitants), surrounded by green fields and parks. Dalen has a few shops, a supermarket and a few restaurants. It also has a train station which is located at 10 minutes walk from the Cherry centre. 

You and your fellow ESC will be housed in an apartment in Emmen, if possible, near to the town's centre. 

How much?

The project is subsidised by the European program European Solidarity Corps. The subsidy covers:


  • Travel

  • Housing

  • Excellent health insurance

  • Living costs


Check with your sending organisation if they ask any kind of (participation) fee.


For transportation, you will receive a bicycle from us. Also trips project related are covered by us.   


We like to see ESC as your personal experience. ESC can truly be an opportunity to build your life as you wish to live it, pursuing your goals and building up skills in the field that you like. Through your application form and the online meeting we will have with you, we will try to understand what are your interests, and see if we can find one or more matching working places in which you will realise your volunteering experience. 

For now, the weekly plan is the following:

- 2 days at the Cherry centre

- 2 days at the working place

- 1 day dedicated to language class, mentoring meetings, activities 

- Weekends: free

What will be done in which day of the week can vary. Also, weekends are normally free, but, it could be that some activities or working places might require your presence during a Saturday, a Sunday, or both. However, in general, there are 5 working days, and 2 free days. Also, each month you have the right for 2 extra days free, which you can build up. 

The activities can be very different. But expect them to be mainly practical, though we also aim on finding a balance between office work and practical work. The working places could be a milking farm, a horse stable, cheese farm, museum, second hand shop, clothing shop, art gallery, petting zoo, crafting office, community work, youth work, and so on. It is normal to feel confused in the beginning, not knowing what to do, which is why we will offer you guidance in choosing a fitting working place/activities. 

The program doesn't offer language courses anymore, there is the possibility, however, to have access to their online courses platforms, in which you can also choose to learn different languages. As Cherry, we believe that learning even if a little bit of the local language could support you throughout your year in The Netherlands and perhaps even after. Learning the local language (for free), is always an extra bonus, it also helps with breaking cultural barriers and making contact with locals. 


We are looking for 2 participants between the age of 18 and 30 years old, who have already participated in one of our projects in the past. 



- Like to take initiative (and if you've been in our projects, you know how much we care about it).

- Are an entrepreneur, don't wait and hope for something to happen.

- Come with alternative solutions for a problem.

- Have not participated in another ESC project before (also not the short one, LIRA is a long term project).

- Are open to cultural differences and even in case of cultural shock, willing to give it another shot.

- Are willing to realise practical work or to learn about it.

- Are willing to cooperate and work with the Dutch community.

- Speak and understand basic English (diploma is not necessary).

- Are aware that you will be living in a Dutch town and village.

- Can be accountable of your actions.

- Are aware that a bicycle will be your mean of transportation even at -20 degrees (tricycle is also an option).

- A driving license could be handy. Not mandatory though.

Keep in mind that this is your experience, go fo it!


Deadline: To be established. 

*** It is currently not possible to apply anymore. Interested to join our ESC project in the future, perhaps next year? Follow our page for updates! We will try to apply for September 2021, so keep this period in mind.